Saturday, November 20, 2010

Filters I : A-127 Triple Voltage Controlled Resonance Filter

It is hard to say what my favorite A-100 filter is. Every filter has its own distinctive sound, and they all have a lot of Control Voltage input possibilities. I must admit i prefer low-pass filters... and filters with many outputs.

The A-127 VC Triple Resonance Filter is 3 bandpass-filters in one, each with its own LFO (sine) with adjustable frequency. The module has 3 individually adjustable outputs plus a mix output, and with all the controls for filter frequency and resonance it is a very flexible module.
\All 3 filters have an external CV input too, that by-passes the LFO when a plug is inserted in the socket. The amount of incoming CV's can be attenuated with a knob.

I love the sound of it, one of the characteristics of the 12 dB/Octave filters is that it can produce almost vowel-like sounds.
The LFO's can create amazing filter-sweeps as well with the frequency-rate adjuster.
As modulation inputs various CV's can be used like ADSR's and other LFO's (triangle/saw/rev saw).
Inputting voltages from any Wheel, Joystick or Theremin modules are also awesome ways to control this massive module.

You can even turn this module into a Triple Low-Pass Filter by changing internal jumpers, another nice feature. It might not be my most favorite filter of all, but this one is still the most-used filter that i own at the moment...


  1. Cool! Could you add some audio examples with these articles as well?

  2. @Marc - I'm still working on audio-examples for the blog. I can't find the right format yet, but i will be uploading some kind of audio-material soon. Thanks for the feedback!