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Friday, April 19, 2019

The History and Future of Eurorack Modular Synths with Doepfer by @DivKid and @Flixxx

Early contributors to this blog DivKid and Felix from the Tuesday Night Machine finally had the time to have a talk with Dieter Doepfer at a  recent Thomann event... 

" A rare moment of free time and having great people in the right place at the right time here's an interview with Felix of Tuesday Night Machines talking to Dieter Doepfer, THE CREATOR OF EURORACK at the Thomann Synth Reactor #TSR19 event. 

Felix and I wanted to chat to Doepfer about both his history (the history or Eurorack), his current polyphonic modules, future module sand ideas and a quick look at what the future of the Eurorack might be. 
We also talk about the Elektor Formant DIY synth, the new Frequency Shifter module coming later this year, CV controlled LED lighting, Dieter was also the EU distributor for Doug Curtis' Curtis chips/components, Raul's World of Synths, favourite Doepfer modules and plenty more. "

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