Thursday, September 30, 2010

A-115 Audio Divider

A module that i use a lot in my patches to get a fatter sound is the A-115 Audio Divider.

This module adds 4 seperately mixable sub-octaves to your original signal,
where F/2 = half the frequency = first sub-octave,
           F/4 = quarter frequency = second sub-octave,
and so on...

It is a perfect module for making nasty low bass sounds.
Especially the F/16 output can sound very dirty ( but very gritty ) if you turn its volume up.

Most of the times i feed a signal directly from an A-110 VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator into the Divider module.
To make optimal use of all of the sub-octaves, i turn the footage (or octave-) switch of the original oscillator up one or 2 octaves.
( An option is to leave the original signal out of the mix )
This makes even the lowest octave (F/16) a bit useable in my setup.

Note that all 4 sub-octaves outputs are all true square waves, so the output provides 4 square waves plus the original signal.

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