Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY A-180 2 x 4 Multiples Module

Unwired DIY A-180
Okay... Maybe not my smartest DIY-project, but at least i tried;
In one of my earlier posts about Doepfer's pre-punched blindplates i stated that you can easily make your own A-180 Multiples module, and save yourself a little bit of money by making your own.

That last thing is correct; it does save you some money (even a bit more if you shop around for components), but if you count the time putting the parts together you can ask yourself if it was also worth your precious time.

I did order a few of the 4HP width blindplates (punched for 8 socket / identical to A-180 front panel but without printing) and also ordered a bunch of sockets from Doepfer and just had to give it a try.

Mounting the jack sockets was simple though the pre-punched holes. Because i wanted it to be a 2 x 4 multiple i thought it would be smart to turn the both sets of 4 multiples in a different way for easy wiring and a certain balance. (but not really necessary)
The wiring was a bit harder. it's not easy to solder very short wires, especially for a beginner like me. It took ages for me to solder all the sockets together, but i finally got it together and the end result works fine. Be sure you leave no exposed wires on the back, a passive module like the A-180 cannot cause lot of electrical damage but can cause audio or CV 'leakage'.

But... was it worth the 10 Euro's that i  saved by buying the loose components?
For me it just wasn't, but i can image with even cheaper components and connectors or a piece of breadboard instead of soldered wires it might work for you.
Because i still have another pre-punched A-180 blindpanel i will also make the other one.

Not only to work on my soldering skills, but in my opinion you never have enough multiples.

The A-180 front panel without printing is available as a spare part. It can also be used for other DIY modules, for example as a connection unit for other modules that have to be controlled by the universal vactrol module A-101-9 .

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