Friday, August 19, 2011

More Blue LEDs

Okay... I haven't had much time to write and post these last weeks because i'm too busy working this summer, but i'm not completely sitting still.

The new blue LEDs that I ordered arrived, so the next few weeks i will only be replacing some red LEDs by blue ones.
It's not the most exiting modification, but it will make my A-100 system more pretty IMHO.
( Info on replacing LEDs HERE )

I do have time to read during my work, and i'm reading a very interesting (Dutch) book called "Onder Stroom" by Jacqueline Oskamp at the moment.
This book tells the story about the history of electronic music in the Netherlands, so expect a book-review of that in the near future.
( The book is slightly related / overlapping  THIS )

I will be back with some more interesting posts in a few weeks... so please stay tuned!

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