Monday, July 01, 2013

Capacitive Paint Controller by Jimmy Hughes

From Jimmy Hughes' website:

" I have been playing with Bare Conductive paint since it came out a little more than a year ago.
It’s great stuff – a heavy acrylic paint that can be used as a resistor, touch sensor, paintable wire – and I keep coming up with new uses for it. 
 This idea stemmed from wanting to utilize my modular synth in more of an installation setting than a performance music setting.

I think of this as a sort of “sonic self-portrait.” 
 Two 10″x 10″ canvasses painted yellow with my hand prints painted in conductive paint. 
 A small piece of copper tape is attached to the back of each canvas and connected to Arduino. 
Code on the Arduino turns the canvases into capacitive sensors and sends two channels of 0-5V PWM voltage out through RC filters into the modular synthesizer. In short: touch the painting, send modulations to the synthesizer."

" Patch description:
Left-hand CV to: 
MATHS Ch 1 Signal In
Ch 1 set to Log, Rise and Fall at ~1 o’clock
MATHS Ch 1 CV to Optomix Ch 1 control in (Hertz Donut audio), Wogglebug Heart in
MATHS Ch 2 Signal In
Sum out to A-132-3 (Wogglebug FM’d Dixie audio), OR out to Echophon Depth
Right-hand CV to:
Piston Honda CV in
Piston Honda Hither/Yon CV ins
A-119 Asymetrical Input
Take gate out to MATHS Ch 4 Trig input
MATHS Ch 4 set to Lin, Rise CCW, Fall at ~12 o’clock
MATHS Ch 4 to Optomix Ch 2 strike in (Piston Honda audio), HD modulation index, EOC to Wogglebug clock in
Wogglebug clock out to Echophon Tempo in
Single Audio output from Echophon → TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb "

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