Saturday, September 26, 2015

Doepfer A-110-4SE Special Edition Quadrature Thru-Zero VCO

Interesting times for the Doepfer collectors.

After the A-124SE Doepfer WASP special edition was announced almost 2 months ago, Doepfer now releases the A-110-4SE Zero-Thru Special Edition module.

From about middle of October a special edition of this Quadrature Thru-Zero VCOs A-110-4 will be available as A-110-4SE.
The special edition is equipped with a blue anodized front panel and white knobs.
The price will be 140 Euro

Blue and white seem to be the colours of the Bavarian flag... #Oktoberfest reference?


This picture appeared later. Probably explaining the colour-scheme better...

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