Monday, January 18, 2016

Downloadable Frontplate Templates for Doepfer Modules Announced

Doepfer A-168-1, A-110-6, A-110-3, A-121-2 and A-184-1
with custom frontpanel designs

You might have noticed the colorful new frontplates on the Doepfer website recently.
I had almost mistaken them for new Special Editions, but Doepfer clearly writes:

"The custom versions of a few modules featured on the Doepfer website are only a design study made with a self adhesive foil, printed by a color laser printer.

That way the customer will be able to design "his" personal module by printing his design on an self adhesive foil and stick the foil to the module (for this the module has to be dismantled).
There are no plans to offer these versions of the module, but they do plan to offer suitable templates for download."

Knobs in different colors are also still available so your only limit will be your imagination.

I wonder how Doepfer will further develop this idea... i.e. if there could be such a thing as an online Doepfer Template designer tool or such... Hmmm... Nice.

The first examples look very impressive IMO...

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