Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Doepfer NAMM 2018 A-100 Standard Module Announcements

My third and last post about the New Doepfer announcements for NAMM 2018... (January 25/28 2018, Anaheim, Hall A, booth 10706)
The other 2 blogposts are about the  Dark Energy III and their new Polyphonic Modules...
Among the newly announced "Standard Modules" there are these little gems

The A-123-2 6/12/18/24dB Highpass Filter is an interesting voltage controlled highpass filter with four filter outputs (6, 12, 18 and 24dB slope). It also features voltage control of the resonance. These controls and in/outputs are available:
• Audio In with attenuator (Lev)
• Manual Frequency control (Frq)
• FCV1: Frequency control input (~ 1V/oct)
• FCV2: Frequency control input with polarizer
• QCV: Resonance control input with attenuator
• Manual Resonance control (Q)
• 6dB Output
• 12dB Output
• 18dB Output
• 24dB Output

The new A-140-2 Dual Micro ADSR
contains double ADSR type envelope generators behind a front panel with 8 HP only. Each ADSR provides these controls and in/outputs:
• Attack (A), manual control
• Decay (D), manual control
• Sustain (S), manual control
• Release (R), manual control
• Gate Input
• Retrigger Input
• CVT Input with attenuator (CVT = CV Time)
• Envelope Output 1
• Envelope Output 2
• LED control

By means of internal jumpers one can select which parameters are controlled by the CVT input (e.g. D only or D+R or A+D+R) and in which direction (i.e. if an increasing CVT shortens or stretches the time parameter in question). By means of another jumpers output 2 can be set to normal or inverted envelope).
Two more jumpers are used for the optional bus
access to the gate signal of the bus for each ADSR.

A-142-3 Envelope Controlled VCA Module A-142-3 is the combination of a simple AD/AR envelope generator and a VCA behind a front panel with 4HP only.
The type of envelope can be selected by means of a toggle switch between A/D (Attack-Decay) and A/R (Attack/Release). Another toggle switch is used to choose envelope or (free running) LFO mode.
The envelope output controls a linear VCA.
These controls and in/outputs are available:
• Attack control
• Decay/Release control
• AD/off/AR switch
• Envelope/LFO switch
• LED (envelope display)
• Gate Input
• Manual gate (momentary switch)
• Envelope Output
• VCA CV Input (normalled to Envelope Output)
• Audio Input with Level control
• Audio Output (the outputs of several A-142-3 can
be internally mixed together)

Furthermore, the modules that were already announced at Superbooth 2017 like the A-138s Mini Stereo Mixer and A-150-8 Octal Voltage Controlled Switch will be available pretty soon now...  and the A-180-9 got a final facelift and got upgraded from 12 to 14 channels through standard network cables.

Read more about those modules at

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