Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Doepfer 4 x USB Power Module A-183-9

USB Power module prototype
Without any preliminary information Doepfer had one small surprise at the Superbooth event in Berlin last weekend.

Their latest module is a 2HP wide USB Power module.
This module has 4 USB ports directly on the frontplate, and has a LED light at the bottom that shows if the module is active or not.

The module can be used for powering other equipment like a USB-keyboard or any other stuff that uses 5v USB power.
Charging your mobile phone or tablet or powering one of those USB-powered lights or small fans is also possible.

Okay, the idea is not new... but knowing Doepfer this will probably be very competitively priced again.

There's no release date on this module yet (...it doesn't even have a name or number too) , but I guess it will be in production soon.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NTQuN-Gwhw by  JustMusic.de

Edit May 18th, 2018
A-183-9 Quad USB Power Supply will be the name and number.

Note: The module requires an A-100 case with built in power supply A-100PSU3 ! Only this A-100 supply has the required +5V available.
Doepfer does not recommend the usage of an older A-100 case with A-100PSU2 as this would require the +5V adapter A-100AD5 and the max. current would be limited to 100mA.

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