Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Friends Forever I

Van PatchPierre

A few times a year i unwire my whole A-100 system, it's like putting up a fresh canvas. New inspiration, new sounds in this case.

There are a few thing i never unwire, because i use them that much.

My first example is this one; The A-174 Joystick and the A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter.
They both sit neatly next to each-other in my rack, and i always keep the two yellow cables between them connected. What a dynamic duo...

I use my A-174 the most for controlling the cutoff of filters or for controlling the speed of the A-147 Voltage Controlled LFO module

The A-175 is such a simple but effective module, and its inputs are internally linked, so you can use the other socket as a mini-multiple

This allowes you to have both control voltages and its identical inverted voltages available at the same time.

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