Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Modding I

One of the easiest, and perhaps the most usefull DIY modifications you can do to your A-100 system is modifying the A-180 module.

Originally the module has 8 interconnected sockets that act as all identical multiples, but like the manual says you can split this into 2 groups of four by removing the soldering bridge in the middle or cutting the board.

The manual doesn't say anything about the warranty if you do this, but just be very carefull.

An easy job, done in a few minutes and like i said very usefull, especially for the smaller systems IMO

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  1. That's indeed very useful. In fact, I believe the new ones are now delivered that way as a standard as 2 x 4 multiples are generally more useful than one x 8 multiple.