Friday, April 23, 2010

CD-Tip I : Secrets of Synthesis by Wendy Carlos

This CD ( a 2003 enhancedCD re-issue by East Side Digital ) is a nice introduction into analog synthesis by the American synth pioneer Wendy Carlos

Secrets of Synthesis ( originally from 1987 ) is a lecture by Carlos with her own audio examples. The main topic is 'Electronic Orchestration' - the use of analog ( and digital ) synthesizers in ways that orchestral instruments sound.

Some of the audiotracks are an introduction to synthesis, and some of it is aimed at the more experienced musicians.
A great tutorial CD in my opinion, with some very good information and great and usefull insights.

One short soundexample: Secret of Synthesis, discussion with musical examples ~ Introduction
01 Secret of Synthesis, discussion with musical examples~Introduction by NetPierre
Wikipedia: Wendy Carlos
Ordernr: East Side Digital ESD 81702 or ESD 81692

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