Sunday, July 04, 2010

A-174-2 Modulation Wheels CV Source

Last week i received my latest A-100 Module.
It's the A-174-2, Modulation Wheels CV Source, a module with two wheels.
I got the original version, with a spring loaded wheel at the left side with bipolar voltage output, and a wheel without spring at the right side with only positive voltage output.

It doesn't make any sounds, but it does offer me more (voltage) control over the sound. Both wheels deliver two identical voltage outputs.

First times i tried it out was in combination with the filters, adding voltage to the cutoff range and adding resonance... very basic stuff, but impressive.
This should also work very well with the Voltage Inverter Module (A-175), i can't wait to try this (and more) out soon.

I can't say it is the prettiest module because the wheels are quite large, but they feel great and seem to react very accurate.


  1. Hi,
    I want to use this controller as a pitch-bender for the doepfer Dark Energy (linking it to VCO Frequency CV in), but I'm not sure how this thing get's feeded? is there an adapter?

    Steven, Belgium

    1. Hi Steven.
      Doepfer modules need cases that provide power.
      Check for the options, or check for DIY kits (rails and power supply)