Sunday, May 13, 2012

Future Modules Update

Last week, Dieter Doepfer took the time to answer some questions in the Yahoo Doepfer A-100 Usergroup on the state of the new modules that will be released this year. I did mention most of them earlier, so no big news this time, but some really informative background info.

About the A-190-5 (four voice polyphonic Midi to CV/Gate interface):
" The new A-190-5 prototype (version with LC display) is on my table since a couple of months. But we did not continue because of some more important projects (e.g. Dark Time, Dark Energy II). I think we will be able to finish the hardware until summer (end of summer is in September :-) but I don't think that the final firmware with all planned modes will ready at that time. But we plan to add the firmware update feature via the USB interface."

Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer, as shown at
MusikMesse 2012. Picture by @Cymatics
A-157 Trigger Sequencer -update:
" We are working on the A-157 right now. The new button/LED board with 16x8 is already made and tested. But we are about to redesign the control board as we determined that the microcontroller used in the first prototype (the pictures with the 8x8 board) is not powerful enough for all planned features. In addition the manufacturer announced the discontinuation of the chip. So it will still take some time until the module is ready."

He continued:
" I hope that these 3 new modules will available during this year: A-192-2 /CV/Gate-to-Midi/USB converter), A-190-5 (polyphonic USB/Midi-to-CV/Gate interface), A-157-1 (16x8 LED/button board with 8 trigger outputs), A-157-2 (control board #1 for A-157-1).
But I'm not sure about the order of the release dates.
Probably the A-192-2 will be the first one as the development is nearly finished (we have to built one more prototype and hope it will be the last one).

We (also) think about a "real" ASR (analog shift register) module because the A-152 cannot be used as ASR in all applications.
But this has no priority at the moment and is not yet mentioned in our list of planned modules."

Note: Please don't call or mail them too often at Doepfer about release-dates or updates of future modules. The Doepfer website is updated very regularly, so you will find all the latest info THERE...

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