Sunday, May 06, 2012

200th PatchPierre Post

Woooot!... but you might have guessed that already...

Another small 'milestone' for the blog, my 200th post, in a little over two years of blogging here.
I will try to keep the tradition of writing a dedicated post every 50th up... if you like it or not ;-)
Thank you all again for the interest in my site (6000 pageviews last month) and for all your promotional work, re-tweets and positive responses, that really means a lot to me every time.

My A-100 rack and MAQ16/3 sequencer
Some of you might know that a column on the left side (bottom) of the blog always shows the posts that were visited the most, but strangely enough, my 50th, 100th and 150th post are all in the top 5. (probably this one will soon be there too?)
I find this a bit weird, because i personally expected my most interesting posts to rank higher, and i even hoped that the one i enjoyed writing the most would end up highest... but no...
It is still very hard to predict what post will be read the most, but that keeps it a nice challenge for me...

I do have some personal favorite posts, sometimes because of the fun i had researching it, or because they were so interesting for the readers and/or news-worthy that other blogs re-posted them (often with a proper link to my site).
If you are new here take some time to (re)-read my blog-posts this weekend, you will probably find something interesting.

Here are a few of my own favorites in random order; is one of them, i love to write about functions of modules that you (still) cannot read anywhere on the Doepfer website...

My first post that i wrote after some intensive personal emailing with Dieter Doepfer (who actually does a great job doing customer support) is also in my favorites list;

My post about the announcement and specifications of the Dark Energy II was re-posted on almost any respected synthesizer-blog and should not be forgotten here;

My favorite posts from the DIY/Modifications -section;, my coolest modification so far.

and finally this one;
I must have had a vision at the time i wrote this, because Doepfer recently announced a module like this (read all about that HERE)

As you can see i left the Raul Pena video's out, because all props for that go to him of course...

My personal taste might be a bit different than yours...
Feel free to leave a reply on what your favorite post was, or to submit topics that you like to read more about.
All feedback is welcome and I will take all your suggestions in consideration.


  1. Congrats on reaching another milestone Pierre!

    Marc JX8P

    1. Thanks Marc!
      And thank you for the support throughout the years.