Saturday, January 19, 2013

A-142-4 plus Expander Demo by Hawklord2112

Regular video-uploader and contributor to the blog Hawklord2112 uploaded another nice new video.

He bought himself a new A-142-4 Quad Decay module and also an extra expander module for it.
Each of the 4 sub-units of the A-142-4 has a pin header with two pins available.
When the two pins are shortened (e.g. by means of a jumper on the PCB board or a toggle switch connected to the two pins) the corresponding sub-unit changes to a loop mode. 
In this mode the unit triggers itself like an LFO..

The expander is made of a pre-manufactured panel, punched for 8 sockets, almost identical to the A-180 front panel but without the printing.
Those panels are very useful for DIY-projects like this.
In his video he explains how it all works.

Video: A-142-4

"Basic demo of the Doepfer A142.4 Quad Decay generator and DIY breakout expander"
Uploaded by hawklord2112

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