Friday, January 25, 2013

Modulator Systems MS101-R(a) Demo

More weird Eurorack controllers, this time by Modulator Systems in London, a company that makes and sells many interesting accessories for Doepfer A-100 and compatible analog synthesizer systems.

" Demo for the Modulator Systems MS101-R(a) Dual Momentary/Attenuator Remote.
This is a small remote control handset suitable for use with Doepfer, Analogue Solutions, Exclusively Analogue and other modular analog synthesizers. 
It offers two momentary buttons and one attenuator, around a metre of cable and three pairs of inline mini-jack sockets to be patched into your modular synthesizer. 
You can patch modulation through the attenuator and control its depth, patch a triggering LFO through a momentary to trigger an envelope in manually played patterns, create occasional ring modulation by patching a fast running LFO to the filter through a momentary, or anything else you can imagine."

The MS101-R(a) sells for 39 UK pounds plus mailing anywhere in the world.

Video uploaded by ModulatorSystems
Find more info at
(note: it looks like their site is still under construction / not all links work...yet)

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