Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ginko Synthese TTLFO Clock Synced LFO and VCSQ Step Sequencer

Ginko Synthese TTLFO Clock Synced LFO
And another new Eurorack manufacturer has popped up, this time from my home-country The Netherlands...

Ginko Synthese is founded by Jan Willem Hagenbeek.
As an electronic musician and producer he has first hand experience of the gap between the feel of playing live on stage and the more controlled environment when working in the studio for productions.
Therefore all of his products are designed with a focus on the immediacy of live performance, but can be easily integrated into a studio environment.

Very soon his latest product the VCSQ will be available on his website.
This voltage controlled stepsequencer can be controlled by the earlier released GinkoSynthese TTLFO Clock Synced LFO that is based around the Electric Druid TAPLFO chip.
It's not the LFO you already know... It is synced to your master clock, or sync it with the taps you make on the tap button and it is quite useful as a taptempo master clock generator.

Ginko Synthese TTLFO and
VCSQ Step Sequencer
The VCSQ transforms a CV signal into a sequence; every voltage step of 0.625V gives a next step on the sequencer.
It can be internally connected by the TTLFO via a wire, and playing with the distort knob gives nice changes in the sequence.
If you put in a sine wave the sequence is bouncing.

The final design of the VCSQ was finished a few days ago and they will order the pcb's in the first week of January.
It will probably appear on their website soon...

Specifications of the TTLFO:
- Eurorack size
- Width: 10HP (50.5mm)
 +/-12V and 5V
- compatible with Doepfer
- 8 waveforms
- multiplier / clock divider
- horizontal wave distort
- external clock input
- CV input for distort amount
- CV input for multiplier
- LFO output (selectable between 0/5V and -5V/+5V)
- clock output
- manual available on the site (PDF)

If you're interested in ordering one, you can fill out the form on their website.

Update October 27 2014:
There will be an upgrade for the Tap Tempo LFO available soon. 

This chip is specially designed for Ginko Synthese by Tom Wiltshire and is only available through the GinkoSynthese TTLFO upgrade-chip productpage.
What’s different?
The tap tempo speed of the LFO is currently limited to a little less than 1 cycle per 4 seconds and with the multiplier at ½ to 1 cycle per 8 seconds max. The new chip will push the maximum cycle time up to 1 cycle per 20 seconds! This comes in handy by creating slow evolving pads and when the Tap Tempo LFO is used in combination with the Voltage Controlled Sequencer.

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