Sunday, January 05, 2014

Modular Bacon 1-3 by Autotross

Now here's an interesting 'new' series of modular synth experiments/jams created by Autotross.
He created three videos in this series already, the third one was released today, inspired by - and created during the blizard.

Video 1: Modular Bacon 01: Rainy Resonance

" Patch Notes:Intellijel uVCF in self oscillation modulated by random hits on the Dixie LFO for water drops. MakeNoise MMG with a slightly out of sync Function for the rising tone. Simple 4-note melody from DPO sequenced by Rene. Delay courtesy of Memory Boy."

Video 2: Modular Bacon 02: Derezzed Circuit

" Patch Notes:Sequenced by MakeNoise Rene, which sends a gate every 4 steps to create ghost notes whose prominence is controlled by the envelope's release. Saw and Final output taken from DPO and modulated by a Doepfer Sample and Hold. Kick drum made with Intellijel uVCF. MMG for the filter, Pamela's Workout for clocking, Memory Boy for delay, and Daft Punk for subconcious inspiration."

Video 3: Modular Bacon 03: Blizzard

" Recorded live during today's blizzard, burrrrr!
Patch Notes:
Wind from Doepfer A-118 Noise generator fed through Intellijel uVCF with cutoff modulated by the 118's random volt output. Truck idling and driving away created with MakeNoise DPO's final output jostled about by Function on repeat. Sirens made the same way using the saw output and slower Function modulation.
Stay warm!"
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