Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Video: ISO Modular Vid test by Isotroposhere

I stumbled upon this one today... a quite interesting looking and sounding Eurorack noodle by Isotroposhere.

Video: ISO Modular Vid test by Isotroposhere

" Hello again channel subscribers, I'm back online and have joined the twenty-first century by getting a cell phone, a new cmptr., internet at home, and a tablet soon to be on it's way.
This is my first test using said equipment but the same old stuff coming from the music room.
These first couple of videos to follow were actually taped right before the tube here dropped my ancient format mpeg1, work security cracked down and disallowed personal uploading of sorts, and my trusty, dusty, windows 2K, dual 333Mhz processor, scuzzy harddrived tan box is starting to do funky things.
Many new videos featuring reviews of kits and projects with be forthcoming if all of this new gear behaves as I hope it does.
I held out for as long as I could pouring my hard earn cash into the music room gear but "progress" has forced me to upgrade.
In the last six Months I have been busy folks and you will soon reap the benefits of my labor of love, "fabrication". I have many things to show you and I hope you enjoy the show.......stay tuned."


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