Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Video: Yuri Space Patch by Swan Messiah

This next video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by Swan Messiah, 'Creator of the Doom Drone Experimental Metal', who recently got into Eurorack modular synthesis.
Here's his first experiment... a spacey tribute to Yuri Gagarin.

Video: Yuri Space Patch by Swan Messiah

" My first foray into modular eurorack synthesis.
Pittsburgh Modular LFO2 clocking;
Pittsburgh Modular Sequencer controlling;
Bubblesound VCOb through;
Doepfer A-106-1 Xtreme Filter &
Flight of Harmony IMP through;
Circuit Abbey Gravity Well mixed through;
Pittsburgh Modular Dual VCA.
Various parameters controlled via;
Flight of Harmony Choices (joystick module).
Mono out through Boss PS-2 delay into;
Crappy 2 watt amp. shot with;
Crappy iPhone camera in low light."
Uploaded by Swan Messiah

Follow Swan Messiah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/swanmessiah

On Bandcamp:  swanmessiah.bandcamp.com 

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