Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Doepfer Re-Designs Update

The 'old' A-166
Dual Logic Module
No exciting Doepfer announcements for the upcoming MusikMesse (The world's largest trade fair for musical instruments 12-15 March, Frankfurt/Germany) yet, but Dieter Doepfer did update the members of the Doepfer A-100 Usergroup today on a few upcoming module-plans and re-designs.

" So far there is no release date for the A-166-2 available the zero crossing comparator was also mentioned as part of the module.
The inquiries for such a module seem to be very poor.
But I will finish this module anyhow (just for myself) because I need such functions now and then (especially the flipflop)..."

The original
A-114 RingMod
Find more about the A-166-2 features in my blogpost from last November HERE

"...In addition we think about the redesign of some older modules.
Especially we think of new arrangements of some dual modules (Dual Ring Modulator A-114, Dual S&H A-148, Dual Trigger Delay A-162, Dual Slew Limiter A-170, Dual Trigger Modifier A-185 ...) as in many cases e.g. only a single ring modulator or a single Sample & Hold.

This will lead to some new combo modules (e.g. combination of S&H and VC slew limiter in one module) with a more value for money as you do not have to pay for unused second sub-units."

Source: Dieter Doepfer

 - Find a selection of Doepfer products at Musikmesse in Frankfurt from 12th - 15th March, 2014 at the booth of their European distributor Alex 4 in hall 5.1, booth nr C54. -

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