Sunday, March 30, 2014

Animodule SOB Filter Videos by @DivKid

It's good to see that more and more people start making really interesting Eurorack tutorial videos lately.
DivKid started a new series last month but i kinda missed it back then.
Here's a nice set of videos with Animodule SOB Filter tutorials.

Video 1: EURORACK MODULE - Animodule - SOB Filter Part 1

" The Animodule SOB filter is a pretty amazing bit of kit, 2 inputs that can clip with a wavefolder, state variable filter and tonnes of personality and character. It can handle smooth well but for me excels at more driven and characterful filtering. It also passes CV acting as a slew limiter and self oscillates creating a crude oscillator, some heavy percussive thumps and hardcore kicks along with going really slow to make for a useful LFO should you run out mid patch.
Subscribe to the channel for more and always feel free to comment."
Video 2: EURORACK MODULE - Animodule - SOB Filter Part 2

" Here's part 2 of the SOB Filter overview video. The SOB is a great state variable filter (with built in wavefolder) for eurorack modular systems from AniModule.
Any questions or anything feel free to comment."

Video 3: EURORACK MODULE - AniModule - SOB Filter's Wavefolder
" Here's a more in depth look at the wavefolder built into the AniModule SOB filter. It's a great filter but (hopefully) as you'll see in the video the wavefolder is great too. Here's some oscilloscope action of analogue waveforms (static and amplitude modulated) going into the unit with external and internal mixing along with modulation to create some moving and morphing wavefolding. "

Uploaded by DivKidMusic
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