Sunday, June 01, 2014

Random Video: Quaslynt by @Monotrome

Monotrome uploaded an interesting experimental video to YouTube... (and to Vimeo, too: )
Spoiler Alert: there's a bonus cat hidden in the video! 

Video: Monotrome - Quaslynt
" Live recording of a patch I've been playing with for the last couple of days. It's not exactly for easy listening, I guess. Includes a hidden bonus cat!
Gear used:

Eurorack modular
- Mutable Instruments Braids (in META mode, switching between PLUK and DRUM)
- TipTop Audio Z3000, wave-shaped by a ...
- Doepfer A-110
- MakeNoise STO (FM'd by Doepfer A-110)
- ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Workout in bank switching mode
- MakeNoise René
- MakeNoise Function
- MakeNoise Optomix
- MakeNoise Teleplexer
- Doepfer A-183-2 (for attenuating and off-setting the bank-switching CV that goes to Pamela's Workout)
- ... and lots of little helpers

MFB Urzwerk (used for CV modulation source and as gate sequencer)
MFB Nanozwerg
EHX Deluxe Memory Boy delay pedal

Filmed with iPhone 5 and iPad 3, edited with iMovie.

Video uploaded by Monotrome

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