Friday, May 30, 2014

A-157 Trigger Sequencer Final Prototype?

A new picture has been posted to the Facebook Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular Synthesizer group of what appears to be the latest version of the A-157 Trigger Sequencer (or Mini Schaltwerk) prototype design.
This new version (prototype 3?) has even more buttons, 32 more than prototype 2 to be exactly, that brings the total to 160(!) buttons.

Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer Prototype 3?
The picture seems to come from Dieter Doepfer himself , the latest panel design comes with new features like mute , invert , and left/right buttons for each row that can shift a row one step to the left or right.
This is probably the final design, and forms a complete trigger sequencer with the A-157-2 (8 separate trigger output module) and the A-157-3 (basic controller).

Doepfer was also planning a more complex control module A-157-4 that allows additional functions like 128 memories for trigger sequences, different clock/start/stop/reset for 2 or 4 groups of rows (e.g. common for rows 1-4 and 5-8, or in pairs), independent first/last step for each row, independent direction (forward/backward/pendulum/random) for each row, one-shot mode, LC display and so on.
But these ideas are very preliminary

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I wonder what this all means for the stand-alone (Dark Flow) version of these modules that Dieter also mentioned a few years ago.

The latest info says the basic set will be available earliest Autumn 2014 (without any obligation ! )

HatTip to Kay Stollberg for sharing this

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