Wednesday, August 20, 2014

500th PatchPierre Post

I never thought that this would happen when I started this blog to be honest, but my 500th PatchPierre post is a fact now... after almost 4½ years of blogging I finally reached this magic number.

Thank you all again for the support, especially
Dieter Doepfer, Raul Pena, Felix (TTNM), Tony Steventon, Matrixsynth Jones, Oliver CheslerIntellijel, DivKid, Jon Adams, Marc Weerts, Steve Harmon, Malekko, ModularGrid, Eliazerk, and everyone who I forgot...

Via one of my other projects BrickPierre
First I would like to share a few PatchPierre numbers with you about the PatchPierre universe:
- PatchPierre blog has reached over 310.000 pageviews in 4½ year.
- an average of around 18.000 - 20.000  pageviews per month lately, and this number is still climbing.
- Over 3.200 people follow PatchPierre on Twitter
- Over 150 people already like PatchPierre on Facebook 
- Almost 350 people follow me on Soundcloud 
- Patchpierre.Net welcomed visitors from 144 countries so far

The most popular PatchPierre posts:
DIY Modular Case Ideas Jan 1, 2012, 
150th PatchPierre Post Dec 11, 2011, 
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Finding new topics is getting harder as i have already reviewed most of the Doepfer modules i own, but i hope i can keep the blog interesting enough in the future with an even wider range of eurorack related posts.
If you have any suggestions / questions etc... feel free to contact me.

- Donations (big or small) are still welcome via PayPal
(info at
Donations will keep PatchPierre ad-free

Sadly I am having technical difficulties in my studio, so I am not able to record new demos / tracks at the moment, and besides that I am a bit too busy with my own work so I can't write much 'original'content, but that will all return after the summer...

Thank you so much again for all the support and the positive feedback.  PP

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