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DIY Modular Case Ideas

There are many ways to house your (eurorack) modular synth, i wrote about the pre-manufactured options from Doepfer earlier, find that post HERE, but of course you can also try to build you own case.
There are many ways to make your own A-100/Eurorack case if you start out with just the basic rails and busboard, and you can make it as cheap or expensive as you can.

Check out a few ideas;
Wooden cabinets and side-panels are still very popular amongst (modular) synth enthusiasts.
These simple case standards for the pre-manufactured LC9 cases are very simple, and can be sooo useful Also check out the other great modular pictures on his site.
Matthew Goike (@Goiks) also has some nice wooden cabinets on display and for sale on his website:

...or do what Stretta did (or rather what his brother did), make a high-end wood/brushed aluminium cabinet with integrated LED-lights and some kind of ingenious integrated cable-tree-hanger-thingy.

Stretta's Modular cabinet, made out of wood and brushed aluminium

...with an eye for detail
On his blog he writes: "The basic criteria was to widen the six row monster base/monster case combination another rack width, creating a triple-wide configuration that is easy to reach across. The width of such a configuration is about the same a standard piano keyboard. The curved design brings the top row dow to a more reachable height. The foot print of the system isn't much wider than my previous configuration." ,and
" The 1512 gets its name from the amount of hp it houses. To put this in perspective, the 1512 puts 54U of rack space, all within an arms reach."
Find more pictures of this cabinet HERE
(pictures by )

Tony's Modular Toolcase
Tony Steventon's 'Modular in a Toolbox' case is also a very nice idea.
I personally like it's portability, plus the fact that you can travel with it without having to unpatch your whole system because the lid covers and protects all your patch-cables nicely.

Find his step-by-step building instructions at

Last but not least i find these custom side-panels for Dark Energy very cool. If you are handy, you could make something like this for your Dark Energy, Dark Time or Dark Matter, or try to find a pair of these on eBay.
Find more of these custom-made wooden side-panels at

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