Monday, November 24, 2014

Suzanne Ciani "A Life in Waves" Documentary KickStarter Project

Xenon pinball machine backglass
In the early 80s, i spend many hours behind a Bally Xenon pinball machine at the camping-site in Maria Laach, Germany that we visited every year.
The Xenon is a beautiful machine with amazing futuristic graphics on the backglass and the playfield, and besides that... those amazing hypnotizing sounds and that sexy, female voice...*

More than 15 years later i found out that the music and sounds were created by Suzanne Ciani, and slowly i got to know more about her music and life as a female electronic music pioneer...

Brett Whitcomb, a documentary filmmaker from Houston, Texas. has started a new film project called, "A Life in Waves" about Suzanne Ciani.
"The documentary, co-produced by long-time Beastie Boys keyboardist Money Mark, chronicles Suzanne Ciani's life and work. 
Utilizing a wealth of Suzanne's archival footage, the film will be a nostalgic, visually-compelling look at one woman's journey, and the trials she had to overcome to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated art form."

You can donate/find more info about this KickStarter project at

I am really looking forward to this documentary, and i hope they will get the funds together...
The campaign ends on Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014 10:07 PM CET.

Suzanne Ciani's official website:
Suzanne Cianni on Twitter
Check her out on Facebook (with some awesome classic gear-pictures)
,or read her blog HERE (although she hasn't updated in a while)

* You can learn more about Ciani's involvement in the Xenon pinnball machine at her official website, which has a lot of information about this game.
(including this amazing 'making of Xenon' video and soundpacks)

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