Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transistor Sounds Labs Stepper Acid Digitally Controlled Step Sequencer

Like most of you, i have been following this next project for a long time... but it's finally out now and the first ones have been shipped.

The Transistor Sounds Labs Stepper Acid is a 16-step Eurorack sequencer module designed by Nina Richards & Zoë Blade with live performance in mind.
The Stepper Acid was born out of our need for a modern step-sequencer.
The dual micro-controller design ensures tight timing: one runs the sequencer, the other the front panel interface.

It looks and sounds very impressive, and very easy to program... especially compared to a 303 ;-) ...

Transistor Sounds Labs Stepper Acid Digitally Controlled Step Sequencer
-16-step sequencer
- With adjustable pattern length
- Adjustable analogue slide
- Song mode for pattern chaining
- Stores up to 40 patterns
- Detach mode for playing one pattern while entering another
- 0-5V range CV (5 octaves)
- Gate and accent output
- 5V or 12V selectable
- Variable swing function
- Dual microcontroller design
- Adjustable clock sync input and output
- Includes: 24PPQN (Sync24), 48PPQN, 96PPQN and 4PPQN (one note per pulse)
- Assembled in the UK
- Dimensions
- Width: 32HP Eurorack module
- Depth (excluding faceplate): 31.5mm

Video 1: Stepper Acid Guide

"A guide to the various features of Stepper Acid."

Video 2: Stepper Acid Extended Demo

"We were making some demos of Stepper Acid's features, and Nina got carried away making a track. Enjoy!"

All info at
and on MuffWiggler:

Stepper Acid is available for £295.00
For more information e-mail

Latest Updates on Twitter: @TSLNow

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