Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A-164-1 Manual Gate

I love hands-on control over my Doepfer A-100 Sytem:
I simply love my Ribbon Controller, the Joystick, Wheels and Theremin Modules, and this one is also one of my favorites.

Perfect for manual ( one-shot ) triggers is the A-164-1 Manual Gate Module.

This module has 3 seperate trigger-buttons that generate a 12V voltage at their respective Gate outputs when pushed. On release no voltage is sent.

All 3 Buttons have double outputs for even more flexability and functionality, and Gate/Button 1 can also be controlled by an external signal ( e.g. the rectangle output of an LFO ),  what makes button 1 act like a momentary on/off switch. This can add some nice ( rhythmic ) effect to your patch.

I prefer to use this module as a manual trigger for self-made one-shot sounds like cowbell sounds or other weird electronic (drum-) sounds. ( Pjoewwww)
In these patches i mainly use the buttons to trigger one or more ASDR's or envelope generators

Another interesting application for this module is extreme filtering...
Because the output of each  Gate is 12 V, feeding this voltage into a CV input of a filter ( or it's resonance control ) will lead to an abrubt ( and full! ) opening and closing of the filter at the push of a button.

As with almost all A-100 Modules, possibillities are limitless.
Leave a comment if you have more interesting and/or creative use for this module.

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