Friday, October 22, 2010

A Question of Cables

Doepfer sells  patch-cables for the A-100 system (3.5 mm plug mono jack) in many different colors and sizes.
The latest addition to the Doepfer assortiment are the orange 50 centimeter patchcables with angled plug on one side. 

The prices are fairly acceptable, and the more you buy ( at once ) the cheaper they get each...
Sizes vary from 15 (yellow), 30 (black) , 50 (grey), 80 (red) , 120 (blue) to 200 (green) centimetres, but i wish they also had other lengths. (...and colors)

Let me know in the comments if you know a place where they sell patch-cables in other colors or lenghts, it will be appreciated.
Purple ones would be nice... but not too long... ;-)


  1. Are these the same?


  2. @Chris Not exactly the same, but close enough.
    I like the shorter (6")colored ones...
    Thanks for the link.