Saturday, October 09, 2010

Best Friends Forever V

The Best Friends Forever section on this blog is a selection of modules that always stay connected, even when i create new patches.

This combination is not much different from my earlier BFF posts, only thing is that here the modules are already connected internally, and not externally with patch-cords.

The two modules, A-160 Clock Divider and A-161 Clock Sequencer are unmissable for rhythmic purposes and for syncing with MIDI or a ( voltage controlled ) LFO.

The Divider is syncronized via the Trigger and Reset Inputs, this module divides the frequencies in steps from /2, /4, /8, /16, /32 and /64, resulting in very usable trigger signals.

The synced Clock Sequencer is a very simple sequencer with 8 steps, the speed of the steps is controlled by the input of the Divider. In fact this combination of modules is an impressive sequencer on it's own.

The outputs of both modules can be used to control any clock, trigger or gate input.
For example, you can use them to trigger envelope generators, resets and (voltage controlled) switches.
It is also possible to use the A-161's trigger outputs to reset the A-160, check out the video below for the basic functions of these modules.

Video: A-160 Demo

Thanks to @Hawklord2112 for the kind permission to use this video

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