Sunday, November 07, 2010

A-134-2 Dual Voltage Controlled Crossfader

 My latest ( my 60th! ) Module is the A-134-2 Dual Voltage Controlled Crossfader.

This module, that contains two identical voltage controlled crossfader units can be used in combination with controller modules like the Wheels or the Joystick controller to make fades between different sounds  ( or even control signals like LFO's ) 

Each unit has two voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) with opposite control behaviour.
In standard (assymetrical) mode, with 0 volts CV added to CV1, input A is fully closed and input B fully opened.
Adding more control voltage to the CV1 input will result a volume increase at input A and a decrease of the volume at input B. In the middle position you will hear a nice mix of the two inputs.

Different settings for the module are available, by switching the internal jumpers you can make the CV inputs ready for bi-directional voltages ( positive and negative ).
By coupling both units you can even control 4 inputs with, for example the A-174 Joystick Module's control voltage, where the centre is the 50% mix and each 'corner' of the joystick is an individual input. A truly amazing and very versatile little module...

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