Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busboard Access

Updated August 25th 2011

A good patch can sometimes turn out to a whole spaghetti of patchcables.
Luckily Doepfer provided the A-100 system with a subsystem that makes the routing of some Gate and CV signals through the internal busboard-system possible.

It's too bad that not all modules have this ability, but for some modules this is a good way to avoid "over-wiring" your system with patch-cables.

Only modules A-110 (Standard VCO), A-111 (High end VCO), A-111-5 (Mini Synth. Voice), A-140 (ADSR), A-164-1 (Manual Gate), A-185-1 (Bus Access), A-185-2 (Precision Adder) and A-190-1,2,3 and 4 (Midi Interfaces) have access to the CV or Gate signal of the A-100 busboard.

The A-164-1, A-185 (-1 and 2) and A-190 (-1,2 and 3) can be used to "write" the busboard, i.e. they can output the signals to the bus.

The others are able to "read" the busboard, i.e. they pick up the signals CV (A-110, A-111, A111-5) resp. Gate (A-140, A-164-1) from the bus.
The A-111-5 can pick up CV and Gate from the bus. Also the planned A-143-4 Quad VCLFO/VCO will be able to read the A-100's busboard.
For details please refer to the user manuals of these Doepfer modules.

Most of the modules come with jumpers inside that can connect or disconnect the signal from and to the busboard. If other modules should be able to "write" or "read" the bus some of them can be modified. More on this in a future modding blogpost.

Doepfer warns on their DIY-site for shortcircuiting modules and/or busboard, so please take note:
Pay attention that only one module is allowed to "write" to the same bus signal.  If two or more modules write to the bus this leads to a short circuit of the corresponding outputs.
Please let me know if i forgot some modules in the Feedback section of this post, thank you!

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