Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modifications IV : Replacing LEDs

 Instead of going the easy route by ordering A-100 modules with blue LEDs, i just had to try to do this by myself. Lately you can pre-order modules with blue LEDs installed for a 2 Euro fee per assembled LED, but i don't believe that was possible when i bought my first modules.

It wasn't a very difficult job, perhaps more difficult was choosing which LED i wanted to replace. As always, i try to keep the look of the system as logic as possible, other examples are the colored switches and colored patch-cables.
( also see Color-Coding )
Plus, for my first replacement i wanted to find an LED that was a easily accessible. I found out that the Doepfer boards are so full that many of the LED are in tight spots on the boards.

I'm glad that i had finally found one; the overload LED from my A-119 External Input / Envelope Follower.
Removing the old LED was easy. I bent it out of it's front-plate hole and heated the soldering-points one by one while pulling the LED out softly.
After that i took the new blue LED, bent the 90 degrees angle the same way as the old one and pushed it gently into the A-100's board again. The solder that was left from the old LED was enough to tightly fix the new one.

A few notes:
- You can not use any LED, only use the same ones that Doepfer provides. Always check documentation for more info.
- Due to technical reasons not every red LED can be replaced by a blue one. ( like the Vactrol modules ) Check each module's webpage before you start.
- Don't forget to check the polarity of the LED's ( + / - )
- Blue LED's are actually transparent/white when they are not lit.

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