Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SiteTip III : Tim Stinchcombe's A-100/Modular Webpage

Another useful resource for A-100 and other DIY-projects is Tim Stinchcomb's personal A-100/Modular webpage.

Very interesting for starting DIY-ers, this site is a very interesting read. Don't let the design of the pages mislead you ;)

Most of the projects and instructions on this site can be found via the Doepfer Yahoo Usergroup, but this is a neat collection of some of the A-100 modifications that are not too difficult.

You can also find some Plan B modification instructions on this site, together with other nice DIY-projects like for example this cool stereo LED VU-meter built in a blind-panel to fit a Eurorack system.

Great site... very inspiring.

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