Friday, January 28, 2011

Modifications V : Replacing more LEDs

I am not sure if i should bother you all with every LED i replace, but my first try went so well that i am happy to share my latest update too.

This time i very bravely went for two (2!) LEDs at once. The module i picked for this was the A-166 Dual Logic Module. I thought the 2 inverted trigger output LEDs at the bottom of the front-plate were perfect for this. I don't use these a lot, so the lower 2 LEDs are almost always burning, what also gives a nice effect in the dark.

To reach the soldering-points of the 2 LEDs i had to remove one of the modules boards on the backside.
This was was easy as each board is only fixed with its own 8 sockets. After that i removed the flat connector between the two boards and that created enough access to do my work.

De-soldering the old LEDs was a piece of cake, and the new ones fitted quite easy too.
See my earlier LED replacement post HERE for (safety) remarks, warnings and additional info.

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