Sunday, July 24, 2011

Timing Capacitors of the A-100 System

Okay... I did write a little about the Timing Capacitors of the A-100 modules in my latest post, but i found it so interesting that i thought i should do another short post about this.

Timing Capacitors of the A-118
If you want to modify a module yourself please read this document first: Timing capacitors of A-100 modules.
That document is intended for experienced A-100 users who want to modify the timing range of some modules (e.g. envelope generators, LFOs, slew limiters). 

To lengten the time or period the capacitor value has to be increased and vice versa. The capacitor value is proportional to the time or period (e.g. doubling the capacitor value even doubles the time or period, when the capacitor value is increased tenfold even the time or period increases tenfold). 
By request the time range of delay and/or length can be modified very easily by changing the value of a capacitor, e.g. 200 us...1 s or 20 us ... 100 ms or 2us ... 10ms. That way the module can be used also for audio applications.
If an electrolytic capacitor is used one has to pay attention to the polarity (minus and/or plus sign).

Timing Capacitors of the A-119
Although Doepfer has very clear pictures on their site on where to find the right capacitors i decided to make a library of my own as pictures with info for your comfort.
Here are two already, expect more in the coming next months.

Feel free to use and/or distribute... More promotion for the site is very much appreciated ;-)

The mods described will most likely void any warranty and, if not done carefully, can damage the circuit board, IC chips, and faceplates.