Friday, July 01, 2011

Discontinued A-100 Modules

Good things come and good things go...
There are many different reasons for manufacturers to stop producing certain modules.
Sadly for some people, some components of a few Doepfer modules aren't available anymore.
Some of the special circuits ( or IC's) in the modules have become scarce, or not available at all ( like the original knobs ) , and that has been a reason for Doepfer to discontinue the production of some of these modules.

Another reason to stop producing certain modules is because they just don't or didn't sell... maybe just because they are not very useful (anymore) or they disappeared when newer modules appeared with (almost) the same function(s).

Soon a collector's item?
An overview ( updated February 2012 ) :

A-111 High End VCO  As the special circuit CEM3340 used in this module is no longer available the module has to be discontinued.
/ Sale while stocks last.

A-121 Multimode Filter As the special circuit CEM3320 used in this module is no longer available the module has to be discontinued soon.
/ Sale while stocks last (only 20 left in Januari 2012)
Doepfer recommends the A-106-6 XP VCF, that is based on the filter circuit of the Oberheim Xpander, as a replacement module.

...the A-101-9 Universal Vactrol Controller is the latest addition to the running out/ sale while stock lasts list... more info on this later

The A-111-5 Mini Synth Voice (and the Dark Energy) will also be discontinued because of CEM3394 chip running out... Stock is still available.
More info on this HERE

The following Doepfer modules are not available anymore:

A-123 24dB High Pass was discontinued at the time by poor sales, and the special circuit CEM3320 used in this module is no longer available.

...and another one...
A-126 Frequency Shifter Because the special circuit CEM3382 used in the internal quadrature VCO of the A-126 is no longer available Doepfer had stop the production of this module too.
But they are about to plan a succeeding model ( A-126-2 ) without internal VCO. The advantage of this solution is that even frequencies below 50Hz are available for special beat effects based of frequency shifting at low frequencies.

A-138x Mix Expander - Because of the poor inquiries the production of this module had been stopped too.

A-139 Headphone Amplifier, a 2-channel headphone amplifier with 2 audio inputs (3.5 mm jack sockets) and level controls, common loudness/master level control, 2 headphone outputs (stereo 1/4" jack sockets) - no longer available

A-177 External Foot Controller is now replaced by the A-177-2, a more economical replacement with a little less control (without LEDs and without scale controls), but with almost the same functions.

A-179 Light Controlled Voltage Source is also no longer available as the special circuit CEM3320 used in this module is no longer available. That is why this module also had to be discontinued.

A-191 MIDI-to-CV Interface / Shepard Generator no longer available

A-197 Analog Meter no longer available ( i personally never really expected an analog meter to be very useful, and i guess i wasn't the only one )

A-197-2 Oscilloscope kit no longer available -
I am still looking for an affordable oscilloscope though. I was thinking about something like a MFB VD-01 Videoscope, but sadly there's no budget at the moment...

Latest update: A-188-1Y BBD Module (256 stages) is also on sale while stocks last

Curious what chip is inside your synthesizer?
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    1. Always risky; Relying on almost 30-year old technology.
      Some CEM's are complete synthesizers on a single chip), so these things just happen.
      I hope Doepfer doesn't see this as a problem but as a challenge to innovate even more...