Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hardcore Modding the A-182-1 Switched Multiples

I must admit i am not a very sophisticated modifier / solderer.
I don't have an electronic background, find it hard to concentrate at times, and i can easily lose my patience when i'm working on stuff.
I am quickly satisfied with the modifications that i do, as long as my projects look good on the outside and are safe (i.e. no loose wires inside that can cause short-circuiting etc.)

A good example of my somewhat rude approach is my A-182-1 Switched Multiples modification.

Originally this module is a simple passive multi-connector similar to the A-180 Multiples module.
In the A-182-1 each socket is equipped with a 3-position switch that allows to connect the corresponding socket to the internal bus #1 (left position), bus #2 (right position) or to turn the socket off (center position).

A-182-1 Modification detail
I wisely decided to split up the A-182-1 into a 2 x 4 Multiplier, like i did with my A-180 because I found this this modification very handy.

I can now use my modified A-182-1 Switched Multiple for quick switching between my keyboard ( via MIDI ) and my A-198 Ribbon Controller.
For this i split up the Multiple in two halves, the upper half controls the Gate, the lower half controls the pitch ( CV )
More info on this HERE

Okay... I know i could have scraped of some of the wires on the PCB to do this modification, but i wasn't completely sure if that would be enough. To be sure that there were no other connections i just took a junior hacksaw and cut the whole PCB in half. 
As this is a passive module (not connected to the busboard) i thought my mod could hardly go wrong with this.
It might be a bit rude perhaps, but it works!

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