Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Main Live Configuration

An interesting topic popped up on the A-100 Facebook Group recently;
" How do you guys trigger your analogue synths sounds on live gigs? "
I do change my setup from time to time, but i do have some kind of basic setup for my live-sets and jams.
I have a total of 5 VCO's in my A-100 system, and i try hard to get the most out of it every time i play.

 Elektron SPS-1 Machinedrum
At the heart of my setup there is a drum-section, consisting of a Roland R-8 and an Elektron SPS-1 Machinedrum. The Electron is a perfect machine with plenty of  electronic drum sounds, i use the R-8 for the more 'organic' drumsounds.

MSY-2 MIDI-to-SYNC Converter
Synchronizing over MIDI is controlled by the R-8, through the Machinedrum and through a Doepfer MSY-2 MIDI-to-SYNC converter straight into the MAQ 16/3 Sequencer.
The MSY-2 is used to keep my TB-303 basslines in sync with the rest.
I also use the CV and Gate outputs from the TB, i get back on this later.

The MAQ 16/3 is Doepfer's MIDI Analog Sequencer.
It has 3 sequencer rows of 16 steps with Gate and CV outputs, i mainly use the top 2 rows for programming loops and basslines. From the MAQ 16/3 it all turns analog and goes right into my A-100 system.

MAQ 16/3 main controls
Row 1: main row, usually a 16 step pattern;
The  first row's CV goes through an A-180 multiple into two separate A-110 VCO's (with sometimes a slight de-tuning involved )
I often turn one of the VCO's 3 or 4 octaves up and send one of its output waves through an A-115 Audio Divider to add some extra (sub) bass.
These layers all mixed together with an A-138 mixer can be send from here to any other kind of filter or effect module, ending in an A-130 VCA somewhere.
The first row's Gate signal goes into input 1 of my A-143-2 Quad ADSR, that contains 4 independent ADSR-type envelope generators.
Gate input 1 is automatically connected to the switching contacts of the Gate input sockets 2, so from that single input i can retrieve 2 different envelopes.
One of them is sent to a VCA, the other one often goes to a CV 2 input of one of my filters.
That is basically my first (sequenced) A-100 Audio-source #1.

Row 2: Usually 6, but sometimes even 3, 8 or 12 steps long;
The CV signal from the MAQ's second row goes straight into my third VCO.
One or multiple waveforms can be sent from there and used for various different purposes, filters etc... coming together in A-130 VCA nr 2
Gate 2 goes into the third input channel of the Quad ADSR, i split up this with another multiple so i have 4 identical envelopes for use in the rest of my system. One of them goes to VCA nr. 2
So that's my second (sequenced) A-100 Audio-source #2.

VCO 4 is controlled by the CV coming from my (synced) TB-303.
The 303's gate signal triggers an ADSR for another A-130 VCA envelope.
I can send this audio-signal through all sorts of modules, resulting in A-100 audio-source #3

My 5th VCO ( and my only A-111 High End VCO ) is used for my solo's.
With an A-182-1 Switched Multiples i can easily switch between my MIDI masterkeyboard or my A-198 Ribbon Controller.
More info on this in detail HERE.
The Ribbon Controller CV goes into my A-156 Quantizer and an A-170 Slew Limiter for easier playing and a nice glide effect, as blogged HERE.
The Gate signal from my MAQ's row 3 (max. 16 steps or pauses) is sent to the 4th input of the Quad ADSR.
I like using this programmed (almost arpeggio-like) envelope to open a filter or amplifier with this, watch the video to see what i mean by that.
I have plenty options to do whatever i want with the wave-forms from this 5th VCO, but I like to keep the sawtooth wave for the A-129 Vocoder.
I guess that makes up audiosources #4 (vocoder) and #5 ( the VCO ) then...

What i did not mention here are the various other mixers and multiples used, the added noise, filters and LFO etcetera, but i hope you understand this is just the basic configuration of my A-100.

Video: Just me... and the Music take 1, an older jam by myself (from YouTube)

" Live Electronic Jam by NetPierre.NL feat. Doepfer A100 + Ribbon Controller, TB303, Machinedrum and effects, no post-production, and sadly no compession ) "

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