Saturday, October 15, 2011

Installing the A-100NT5 +5Volts Adapter (old type)

Some of the A-100 modules, for instance the A-113 Subharmonic Generator and MIDI-modules A-190 or A-191, need an extra 5 Volts power supply.
The old way was by doing this with the A-100NT5 5 V supply, but because installing it was 'suitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety' Doepfer doesn't sell these adapter anymore.

The 5V power supply needs to be mounted near to the main power input, on the blank upper back panel with four stand-offs, nuts, serrated washers, and bolts. 
Newer back panels (since summer 1999) are already equipped with the 4 mounting holes required for the 5V supply.

If you are considering installing and connecting the A-100NT5, it’s crucial to take note of the following safety instructions:
• The installation and connection of the A-100NT5 must only be carried out by a qualified electrician or technician.
• If no suitable expert is available, the rack must be sent to a service centre or direct to Doepfer Musikelektronik
for the power supply to be fitted.

• Danger! Before installation and connection of the power supply, it is essential that the whole rack is isolated completely from the mains current.

Note: The new A-100 AD5 5 V adapter module can simply be plugged into a free socket on the bus board; The current is taken from the 12V supply! 

Find info on both adapter(s) HERE
Find the full installation instuctions of this adapter in THIS PDF

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