Friday, November 18, 2011

A-146 LFO2

Module A-146 (LFO 2) is a Low Frequency Oscillator, which produces periodic control voltages over a wide range of frequencies.
The LFO can be used as a modulation source for a series of modules (for example pulse width and/or frequency modulation of a VCO, modulation of a VCF cut-off frequency or amplitude modulation with a VCA).

It is quite different from the A-145 and A-147, that i discussed earlier HERE

Three outputs are available, with different waveforms: sawtooth / triangle; square wave, and positive-voltage square wave.
The waveforms are continuously adjustable from rising sawtooth, through triangle to falling sawtooth.
The same control affects the pulse width of the square wave.
A three-way switch can select one of three frequency ranges, spanning from one cycle every few minutes, at the lowest, up to audio frequency at the highest.

A nice LFO, but i don't own one myself... yet.
Too bad it has no CV input  and that it doesn't have a reset input...

More on waveforms:
also see Wikipedia for more indepth info on the different wave-forms:
Pulse wave             Sawtooth wave
Sine wave               Square wave
Triangle wave

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