Monday, November 21, 2011

Wooden Ribbon Controller Project Part 2

My project is going great so far.
Most of the woodwork seems to be finished.
I carved out the whole  59.7 x  2.4 cm. strip where the fingerboard should come, about 3 mm deep across the whole surface.
I carved a bit too deep at places, but i will fill that up a bit with filler, so that should turn out fine.
The pressure sensor needs a flat surface, so that needs a little bit of extra attention.

I painted the wood 4 times now, with a glossy mahogany varnish, and it looks quite amazing IMHO...
It will get one last layer of varnish after the final assembly of the whole project
I screwed an iron ring at the top (but that might become an brassy one), and i am planning to screw one at the bottom for  attaching a shoulderband.

I changed my mind a bit about the old fingerboard that i wanted to use, but i will order a new pressure-board from Doepfer next week.
I also need to find a smaller piece of wood that can cover up the USB-connector or find another good way to hide the connections.

That does mean i have to wait a few weeks before i can take the last steps and finish the whole project.
I will keep you updated...

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