Thursday, January 12, 2012

A-165 Dual Trigger Modifier

The A-165 Dual Trigger Modifier contains two separate and identical trigger modifiers for use with logical / digital levels.
In fact it works pretty similar to the A-175 Dual Voltage Converter, only this module works on Gates, Clock and Triggers.

Each half of this module enables signals, generated by the A-100, to communicate with other instruments (such as an external sequencer), or is simply used for reversing a trigger's polarity.
Whatever signal is patched into the input is inverted by the module, and fed out of the Inv. Out (inverted output) socket.
At the same time, a short trigger signal (of roughly 50 ms) is generated every time an edge of the trigger pulse is sensed (negative as well as positive).
This trigger signal is available at the +/- output.
Two LEDs show the level of signal available at the two outputs.

Because the original and inverted trigger signal are often both needed at the same time, it is possible to use these two inputs as a mini-multiple - using one of them to send the original trigger to another module.

The A-165 manual has a few interesting patch-examples, but i use it the most in combination with my A-160/A-161 Clock Sequencer/Divider combo to mess up my rhythms.

If you are only looking for simple trigger inverters, you might want to take a look at the A-166 Dual Logic module which also has two simple inverters, only minus the  +/- pulse that the A-165 has.

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