Friday, January 27, 2012

Video Synthesis - A-136 Solarization Tests

Besides for audio, some Doepfer (and other (analog modular) synthesizer modules can be used for other purposes too.
For example this A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper in combination with an LZX analogue modular video synthesizer.

LZX Visionary (by LZX Industies) is a line of EuroRack format synthesizer modules designed for creating and manipulating video and images.
Their range consists of 9 different modules so far: a Color Video Encoder, Video Sync Generator, Video Waveform Generator, Triple Video Fader & Key Generator, Video Blending Matrix, Voltage Interface I, Video Ramps, Triple Video Processor and a Voltage Bridge.

It looks like a very versatile range of products that will probably make a lot of video-editors happy.
For modular synth-geeks the layout, functions etc. looks quite familiar with what we do, and i like the idea of video-mixing, LFO-controlled color-swapping, and adding other effects to video with Eurorack modules.
The possibility of adding synthesizer modules that were intended for audio to this system is IMO just brilliant, i can imagine what different LFO's, noise generators and other modulators/waveshapers or perhaps a video sampler will do with video.
The LZX webpage is full with interesting info, basic patch-examples, video's and links to other resources.

I couldn't find a lot of info on the video below, but it is quite new and i found it interesting enough to post it here on my blog.

Video: A-136 Solarization Tests*

" Sean Hannan processes video through the Doepfer A-136 Audio/CV shaping module."
*video has no audio

For more info on video-synthesis check out

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