Monday, January 09, 2012

Booktip XII - How To Make A Noise by Simon Cann

Simon Cann is a musician and writer based in London. He is the author of a range of music-related and music business-related books and published this book in 2005. (my copy is the revised 2007 edition)
The book is " a comprehensive, practical guide to sound design and synthesizer programming techniques using subtractive (analog) synthesis, frequency modulation synthesis, additive synthesis, wave-sequencing, and sample-based synthesis. "

Every function of a synthesizer gets discussed in this 278-page book, and the author shows practical uses for these building-blocks to make/recreate sounds.
The book is illustrated with many pictures and screen-shots from (software) synthesizers that i had/have never heard of, and that might be the only 'problem' that i have with this book.

In my opinion this book is a bit too much focused on Software synths and some of the sounds can only be created with these soft-synths.
For analog purists (like me) this can be a bit of a trouble, but nevertheless i enjoyed reading it and had fun trying out new patches.
I like the book a lot because it is stuffed with info, patch-ideas and other suggestions, but i advice beginners to start with the more basic synth-books. (check the BookTip section of this blog)

Published by Coombe Hill Publishing
Paperback   178 pages
ISBN10      0955495504
ISBN13      9780955495502

Click here if you want to get hold of the full free download of this book for your tablet or PC.

The author recently wrote 3 digital (not on paper) follow-ups to this book.
A video with more info on these 3 e-books can be found HERE
Find additional info/ ordering details at or
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