Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raul Pena's A-149 Random Controlled Voltages Tutorials

Raul Pena is back once again with some very interesting tutorials on the Doepfer A-149 RCV module.

Video 1: Doepfer A149-1 RCV Quantized Random Voltages

" Description and Demonstration of the Doepfer A149-1 RCV Quantized Random Voltages.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 2: Doepfer A 149 RCV Stored Random Voltages

" Part Two in the Doepfer A149-1 RCV Series.Exploration and Demonstration of the Stored Random Voltages section of the Doepfer A149-1 RCV. Sound and Description by Raul Pena."

Video 3: Doepfer A 149 RCV Modulation of Quantized and Stored Random Voltages

" Part three in the Doepfer A149-1 RCV series. Explanation and Demonstration of Modulation in the Quantized and Stored Random voltages sections."

As soon as more episode appear online i will add them to this blogpost
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  1. Part one is up now! You more than likely saw it here first!
    A little mixup at Youtube. These episodes were not for release until September, but since the cat is out of the bag there's no time like the present.