Monday, April 16, 2012

Video: I Ran Out Of Cables

Hawklord2112's modular rack
A new video by 'friend of the blog' Hawklord2112 popped up on YouTube today.

An exciting abstract track , made with his big modular that  mainly consists of Doepfer modules.
He was also kind enough to send me an overview of his setup...
Click on the picture on the right to take a look.

It all sounds and looks very impressive!

Setup overview made with

Video: I Ran Out Of Cables
" - zen modular again, nearly both kinds!
unfortunately you can't see the fourth row of modules.
the only ones *not* used in this patch are my TheAbsent feedback loop, A114 Ring Modulator and A164.1 manual gate.
and even then only because i ran out of cables.
- more should be arriving shortly."

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